Safeguarding welcome.png

project brief

The client requested a short yet comprehensive course on safeguarding for the organisation's older volunteers.

The course had to convey essential knowledge and assess whether it had been learnt.


The client provided access to a subject matter expert alongside demographic information. The course was to be accessed by multiple users simultaneously and hosted on the organisation's intranet.

Turn-around was very fast (3 days) with a very limited budget.

To view this interactive course, please click here


Taking time, budgetary and demographic considerations into account, the commissioning project team and I agreed the design should be minimalistic with few animations (presentation style).

The colours reflected the organisation's branding while the font is sans serif to make it accessible.


Feedback from the client showed that the learners appreciated being able to go at their own pace, with an uncluttered screen and no background music to distract from the serious subject. Some of the oldest learners would have preferred more instructions for some of the activities.